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Manifesting Money: Do You "Deserve" A Million Dollars? | How To Manifest Money
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Manifesting Money: Do You “Deserve” A Million Dollars?14 Dec

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Do you want a million dollars or some other outrageous amount of money? Let me ask you this: Do you deserve it?

Well, on a ‘spiritual’ level, yes, you do… but do you emotionally deserve it?

For example: Lottery winners. 95% of lottery winners are in a worse financial situation a year after they won the lottery.


Because they still have a broke person’s mentality. Here’s my point.

Think about this…

You may be sitting there, working on manifesting a million dollars but with the same mindset you have now.

You know what I think? This is huge…I think this is one of the reasons why you may not be getting the things you want. If you aren’t ready for what you’re visualizing, the Universe knows this and may not bring you what you want because you may feel you don’t deserve it, you may not be able to handle it, or even being afraid of getting it on a subconscious level.

So, don’t focus on the money…focus on the mindset. The millionaire mindset. Visualize being a millionaire instead of visualizing a million dollars.

Do this in all areas of your manifestation and I know the things you desire will come so much faster.


7 Responses to “Manifesting Money: Do You “Deserve” A Million Dollars?”

  1. JadenNo Gravatar

    Magnifico! Even if the universe is willing to give us the wealth we’ve dreamed of if we are not completely ready it is useless.

  2. KarenNo Gravatar

    I am a millionaire! I love to here that from my mouth everyday^^
    Don’t care if they say I’m losing my sanity.
    Soon, I know it and I feel it.Ciao!

  3. JadeNo Gravatar

    I will strive to achieve the dream I want. I know someday I will achieve it.Thanks Antonio!

  4. SteveNo Gravatar

    Dream, Believe, SURVIVE!

  5. Antonio ThorntonNo Gravatar

    Thanks Steve for the comment!

    Antonio “The Money Magnet”

  6. FelyNo Gravatar

    If I were to win a million dollars I would invest it on a business with feasible income.

  7. JaredNo Gravatar

    I have downloaded all your podcasts. I really like your podcasts. I want to learn more about the Law of Attraction. I am an intern on the Hill. I intern for the House Natural Resources Committee for the Republicans and before I interned for them I interned for Congressman Eric Cantor the Minority Whip of the House or the Number two for all Republicans. Now I am going to be a campaign manager for a Candidate running in Washington DC. I am getting most of want I in life but I want it all! I want more money and a girlfriend! I feel wealthy now because I have done some much already at 22 years old but how do I get more??? Which set of videos should I buy?


    Jared Fontaine

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I’m only partially kidding with above statement.  We will be discussing health, love and a lot of other aspects of life, but only as they relate to manifesting more money for you.

The launch of this site is no accident.

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