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Manifest Money Now! | How To Manifest Money

Manifest Money Now!

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Hi and welcome to the Manifest Money Now Page!

I’m about to show you a really quick and easy way for you to manifest money right now AND help others at the same time…. And the best part about it is that it’s absolutely free.

Just below this text, you’ll see a short little form that you can put your name and email address in and once you click submit, you will automatically become a member of the How To Manifest Money Partner Program.

After becoming a member of the Partner Program, you’ll be able to tell your friends about the site and make money at the same time! All you have to do is tell people you know about how great the blog is and you can start making money immediately.


When you fill out the form today…we will email you a special link to use on your blog, on your website or in your email.

When you tell your friends or business associates about the How To Manifest Money blog, just use the special link we provide you.

Then, once your friends visit the site and buy any of our many products we offer, you’ll get a percentage of the sale.

They could buy something that same day, the next week, next month or even as far out as next year and you will be compensated for that purchase whenever a purchase is made.

The average commission we pay on our products is about 50%. Some are as high as 90%!!!

The cool thing about the recommendation is that you’re not recommending that they go and buy something, you’re just recommending that they go to a free resource which provides value to them – they’ll thank you for it.

Our job is to provide enough valuable content and resources that your friends will want to stay and read what we have available on the blog. Our hopes is that they will like what they read and keep coming back to the blog to read more. And as they continue to come back to blog, there are more and more opportunities for them to potentially buy.

As you can see, we don’t use any ’strong arm’ sales tactics, we just provide valuable content and allow the opportunity for visitors to buy if they choose.


Just fill out your name and email address below and click submit.

You’ll receive a special link via email in just a few short moments

Grab that link and start telling your friends about us.

For those of you who want to REALLY start manifesting LOTS of MONEY right now… we have some sample emails and other promotional material below.

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If you’re looking to life a healthier, more loving and energetic life…you’re in the wrong place.  This site is about attracting money.  :-)

I’m only partially kidding with above statement.  We will be discussing health, love and a lot of other aspects of life, but only as they relate to manifesting more money for you.

The launch of this site is no accident.

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