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How To Attract Guilt-Free Wealth | How To Manifest Money
Manifesting Money

How To Attract Guilt-Free Wealth05 Jan

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Money Is Great!

One of the keys to attracting wealth is being “okay” with desiring money.

Some people are concerned that wanting a lot of money makes them “greedy”. They’ll say they don’t want to be viewed as “overly materialistic people”, and so they’re afraid that putting a lot of attention on money will detract from the “higher” goals they have in life.

Don’t Send Mixed Messages To The Universe

If any of you are in this position, then realize that you’re putting out a mixed message to the universe. It will be very difficult to ever bring money into your life when you’re in this state of mind.

You have to release any feelings of guilt you have associated with money – there’s no reason for you not to thrive financially. You may have very deep-seated feelings about money and greed, but you’ve got to find a way to be purely positive about your desire for wealth.

What Will You Do With Your Money?

Aren’t there wonderful things that you can accomplish if you have more money? Won’t having more money give you the freedom to devote yourself to what you want to achieve?

Remember that you don’t necessarily have to think about money itself in order to bring wealth into your life. You don’t want money just so that you can roll around in pile of cash.

Think about why you want more money. Put your attention on the things you want to accomplish. Make that desire pure. The universe will take care of the means to make it happen.

If money is needed, then the money will come – but only if you don’t push it away through your feelings of guilt.


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    I feel no guilt, but the law, “And it harm none, do what thout wilt” makes me think that it is okay for the money to stay away. I know that I will do good with the money… as long as the moochs don’t know I have it.

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If you’re looking to life a healthier, more loving and energetic life…you’re in the wrong place.  This site is about attracting money.  :-)

I’m only partially kidding with above statement.  We will be discussing health, love and a lot of other aspects of life, but only as they relate to manifesting more money for you.

The launch of this site is no accident.

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