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3 Tips to Manifest More Money Using the Law of Attraction | How To Manifest Money
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3 Tips to Manifest More Money Using the Law of Attraction06 Jan

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Manifest More Money

Money is a specific application of the law of attraction, but the principles are no different than manifesting anything else. It’s just that sometimes people have many hangups about money that prevent them from feeling good when they focus on the subject. By the end of this article, you’ll have everything you need to begin manifesting more money in your life.

Some people may say, “Well, that’s all fine and good. But, I’ve got a job. My paycheck is the same no matter how much focusing or visualizing I do. How can I attract more money when I know my paycheck is going to show up with the same amount every time?”

Well, you see, you’re already using the principles of the law of attraction to manifest a specific amount of money, aren’t you? That’s what you do most of the time. You focus on your paycheck (a specific amount), and it shows up. So, what you’re asking isn’t really that much of a stretch. It’s not really about how you can get the law of attraction to work for you. It’s already working. What you’re really asking is, “How can I use the law of attraction to bring me more money than I normally get?”

Follow these three simple tips and you’ll be manifesting more money in no time:

1. Recognize that You’re Already Using the Law of Attraction

As I said before, you’re already doing it. In fact, it’s impossible not to use the law. It works even if you’re not aware it’s working. It’s much like gravity, and that’s why it’s called a law. So, take some time and realize that the money that’s been showing up in your life is the amount you’ve been focusing on predominantly.

2. Set a Goal for More Money

If you want more money to show up, then that’s where you’re going to have to focus your thoughts. Don’t focus them on the same amount showing up as last time. Set a goal to have more money show up in your life. If you’re on a paycheck, then start with something small. Start with something you can believe in. If you had a goal that you’d like $25 more dollars to show up during your next pay period, then you’re tapping into the power of the law of attraction by being very specific. You can start with a small sum like this one. Really, it’s not the $25 dollars that’s important. What’s important is that you get a moment where you realized you’ve done it. When that happens, you’ll feel much more confident attracting larger sums of money.

3. Pay Attention and Look for the Results

If you set a goal for more money to show up in your life, then look for it. Oftentimes, people set goals and manifest them, yet they’re so caught up in their life, they don’t stop to realize they just got what they wanted. It could be that you notice a $25 dollar rebate check arrives in your mail. You may be tempted to dismiss it by saying, “Well, I knew that was coming eventually. I filled out the rebate form months ago. “However, you should stop and realize that you’ve manifested what you’ve asked for at just the time you intended to manifest it. Once you do, you’ll get more and more comfortable manifesting money with the law of attraction.


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If you’re looking to life a healthier, more loving and energetic life…you’re in the wrong place.  This site is about attracting money.  :-)

I’m only partially kidding with above statement.  We will be discussing health, love and a lot of other aspects of life, but only as they relate to manifesting more money for you.

The launch of this site is no accident.

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