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$1 Million Dollars! | How To Manifest Money
Manifesting Money

$1 Million Dollars!31 Mar

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1 Million Dollars

When people first learn the law of attraction, it’s common to have a goal of getting $1 million.

But think about this: why do you want the $1 million?

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you know I typically advise you to go after the thing you want instead.

But why?

Why go after the things you want instead of the $1 million?

First, you get more direct influence over your environment… Faster results. You can get what you want much faster than waiting for $1 million. If you don’t go after it directly, you could end up waiting a
long time before you actually get the things that you truly want.

Second, think about the people in your life… if you have to wait for the $1 million to come first, there are so many people you won’t be able to meet who can positively affect you. You may end up spending time with people you would rather not hang around.

Finally, imagine what it would be like to get all the things that you want with the million dollars before you actually get the money.

Do you want the money so you can belong to the yacht club? If so, that’s fine. Picture yourself there enjoying it if that’s truly what you want.

Do you want it to so that you can walk into a room full of millionaires and feel accepted? If so, picture yourself in the presence of millionaires and wealthy, powerful people while they all respect you. Maybe they welcome and respect you because you’ve done or have something else they admire.

Do you want the $1 million to feel safe and secure? If so, set an intention to feel safe and secure.

Do you see what I’m saying? Go after what you want.

Practical Application

If you want $1 million, keep the intention to get it. While knowing that it will eventually come to you, get all the other things you want in the meantime.

By the time you make your first million, you’ll be able to enjoy spending it on bigger and better things.


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If you’re looking to life a healthier, more loving and energetic life…you’re in the wrong place.  This site is about attracting money.  :-)

I’m only partially kidding with above statement.  We will be discussing health, love and a lot of other aspects of life, but only as they relate to manifesting more money for you.

The launch of this site is no accident.

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